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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"


Meet Katarzyna

Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and certified nutritionist who specializes in clinical dietetics and Elemental Hair Analysis. I graduated from FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE UNIVERSITY in the United States and also completed a few courses in dietetics organized by FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE COACHING ACADEMY from Chicago.

I am the author of the publications in health magazine "DietPoint" about Alzheimer's disease and Polycystic ovary syndrome.

I specialize in the field of autoimmune diseases and cancer.

In my professional work, I teach patients a conscious approach to nutrition and shaping a healthy lifestyle. Using the right diagnostic methods, like hair mineral analysis, and detailed nutritional history, I recognize the root causes of the disease and help eliminate them.

My goal is to motivate you to take responsibility for your life and health, making significant changes to reach your optimum health and performance. In my opinion, our happiness depends largely on how we eat!

I invite you for nutritional consultation in my office in Gravesend.

However, if you are on a tight schedule or have difficulties getting to my office an online nutritional consultation via Skype and WhatsApp is a good alternative.

Zucchini Rolls

Hair Mineral Analysis

The Autoimmune Protocol

Sustainable Weight Management

Food Sensitivities

Bespoke Nutrition Plan

Did you know that each chronic disease is caused by nutritional deficiencies and too many toxins in your body?


Nutrient minerals and vitamins are essential for many biological functions and play key roles in metabolic functions.


The hair analysis test detects levels of nutrient minerals and also toxic metals in the body.

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