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In 2019 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was only 39 and I knew I had to fight it for my kids. I met Kasia through mutual friends. Before I started my chemotherapy she looked at my blood test results and advised me on what to supplement and she also prepared a diet plan. She made a list of things of what I should avoid, and I stuck to her advice. After 6 months of chemo, my oncologist said that she’d never seen someone with such good blood test results after strong chemotherapy. Kasia still checks on my blood test results and is still giving me advice. I am very grateful because now I am cancer-free, feeling great, and believing in a long, healthy future.



I met Katarzyna when I had big issues with my hormones. I had a miscarriage twice, I have got thrombophilia and few other health issues. The first thing Katarzyna asked me to do was elemental hair analysis EHA, secondly, she put me on a low carb diet which was also high in all microelements I required at the time. During this, it turned out I had cancer. I was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer. I went for a consultation with doctors and they told me in my case chemotherapy is the only option but even this might not give any results as this type of cancer does not always react to chemo. I spoke to Katarzyna and told her what is going on with me, what is the diagnosis. She changed my supplements for ones that will fight cancer. I started the therapy recommended by Katarzyna. Couple of months after I had a PET scan to check if cancer has spread or if it was just in my breast. The doctor was really surprised as the scan didn't show anything unusual, cancer cells were only in my breast. The lymph nodes in my armpit were normal size which I think made the doctor a little bit surprised. I decided to have surgery and remove the tumor from the breast. The doctor removed the tumor with a 3mm margin around it along with 4 lymph nodes for biopsy. The results didn't show any cancer cells in either lymph nodes or areas around the tumor. I am still taking supplements recommended by Katarzyna and also continue a dairy and gluten-free diet. I also don't consume any added sugar. I have no words to describe how much I would recommend Katarzyna to anyone dealing with any health issues. I know today I can say I defeated cancer thanks to her.



M.Z. Gravesend

I met Kasia through my friends whom she helped with their health problems.

I was after giving birth to my second child and we were suffering from colic ... so I decided to ask for advice. Kasia explained what products in my diet can cause colic and recommended how to eat. And the colic stopped, and I could sleep well.


 Kasia also has interesting recipes for healthy food - even for healthy chocolate, which my 5-year-old son loves!

I recommend Kasia because she has huge knowledge and passion for health and her patients.


Ewelina, Gravesend

Katarzyna is an amazing naturopath with great knowledge of conditions and natural remedies. She has helped me feel much better after only a few days when I have suffered from IBS symptoms! Katarzyna also helped me to regain my general health by offering great quality minerals and supplements.


Thanks to her I feel great, happy, and have a lot of energy. Unlike other professionals, who would rather treat your symptoms, she knows exactly how to deal with different conditions by looking to get to the core of the issue. Katarzyna can actually make you healthy and happy again! Her knowledge is truly impressive.


Thank you, Katarzyna for looking after me so well. I highly recommend her services to anyone willing to stay well and healthy.

Iwona, Gravesend

My son is 11 years old now but since an early age, he has had problems with breathing through the nose and always had spots on cheeks and bum. We visited our GP many times but were always told: it is ok, it's normal and will take some time. We waited around 2 years then and they advised us to use steroid cream on the affected area which we did but with no results.

In 2019 I met Kasia through a mutual friend and Kasia told me to change my son's diet and also advised me to do a hair analysis test EHA. Kasia is a great health practitioner with huge knowledge. Today my son is sleeping well breathing through the nose and has no spots. All done without any medication but only using detoxification and vitamins & minerals required by the body.

Magdalena, Gravesend

In 2016 I was diagnosed with a lung condition that resulted in shortness of breath so I was under hospital observation since. But no improvement. I was even given a course of steroids for 3 months but again that didn't help me. Then my wife advised me to seek help from Kasia. During consulting with Kasia she advised me to have hair analysis test EHA done. After the test, she prepared a diet plan with some vitamins, minerals, and detox supplements. And I saw an improvement in my shortness of breath in 2 months. I highly recommend Kasia. Great thanks for her help.

Sandeep, Gravesend

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