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Hair Mineral Analysis

Did you know that each chronic disease is caused by nutritional deficiencies and too many toxins in your body?                                                                                                  

Nutrient minerals and vitamins are essential for many biological functions and play key roles in metabolic functions.


The hair analysis test detects levels of nutrient minerals and also toxic metals in the body.


A blood test doesn’t show the real amount of elements in the whole body, because blood equalizes the amount of minerals in the serum at the expense of their reserves in tissues. It means that the amount of elements in our cells may be insufficient, even we have normal blood test results.


Unlike blood, hair acts as a storage depot for minerals, so it shows the actual quantities of them in the body.


Mineral deficiency tests will help you to understand the body's mineral imbalances and defining your metabolic profile.


The body contains 29 essential elements.  The hair analysis test can help you verify what elements are out of balance in your body and provide data on essential ratios of minerals present which indicates your endocrine glands and other organs function.

The endocrine glands influence how efficiently each nutrient is utilized.

The hair tissue mineral analysis could help us to re-establish a normal balance of body chemistry using individually designed dietary supplementation. This may improve your health and remove toxic metals.

If you wish to do this test, please contact me.

Based on the hair test results, I can recommend therapeutic and nutritional measures to correct the imbalances and remove the toxins from the body.

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